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Havana is full of great places to enjoy Salsa, Reggaeton, Traditional Music, Merengue. Here is a short list of the most famous clubs within 1 mile of the guesthouse.

  • Discotec Turquinho, in the top floor of the Habana Libre Hotel.

  • Hotel Nacional offers a dance show in its Parisien Cabaret.

  • Jazz Cafe Habana located in the Melia Cohiba.

  • Salon Rojo, famous cabaret

  • Cafe Cantante at the National Theater (Revolution Square)

  • Bertold Brecht Jazz Club

  • various theaters and discoteques can be found in La Rampa or Linea

With some luck some of Cuba's most famous bands may play at the university or at the Antiimperialist tribune for free.

Casa de la Musica in Centro Havanna and Miramar can be easily reached by taxi.


2 cinemas are also just a few minutes away, Riviera and Yara.


The variety of good restaurants in proximity is huge, we recommend Sanso Pansa, Idilio, Habaname and Chaplin – just around the corner.