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Hostal Corazón de Vedado offers a variaty of services and deals, below you can find the most requested. Other services can be found here car rental and round trips.

Airport pickup Havana/Varadero 25 CUC/80 CUC
Tourguide (minimum 2 persons) 10 CUC/person
Breakfast Standard (including vegetables, eggs, butter, bread, jam, fruit juice, hot drink, fruits) 3 CUC
Breakfast Deluxe (including ham, cheese, eggs, vegetables, butter, bread, jam, fruit juice, hot drink, yogurt, fruits) 4 CUC
Lunch/Dinner 5-10 CUC
Clothes Washing&Ironing 5 CUC
Massage 30 min/60 min 8 / 12 CUC
Manicure, Pedicure 5 CUC
Cuban cigars on request
Rum shots, Cocktails on request
Satellite TV n/a
Internet 3 CUC/hour
Local artwork/Paintings on request